Worlds Oldest QR code?

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Egyptian hieroglyphs were a formal writing system used by the ancient Egyptians that combined logographic and alphabetic elements. But until now, one such ‘glyph’ was always deemed a ‘mistake’ and unreadable… Until now!
With the advancement in technology, we once again have caught up with the ancients..
How (and why) did the egyptians (or other) use this scannable QR code in their writings?
Or did they? could it just be Trav was bored and still testing the very limits of this QRcode creation and tweaks in photoshop? should he be doing ‘proper’ work? well it is the weekend!

(and I didn’t even go off on a ‘Sumerian’ tangent at all there! :) )

and does still scan.. (try angling at about 60-80 degrees to the right for this one if having troubles) admittedly this one is a touch trickier.

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