why so syrias?

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Obama to play the joker in the new batman flick opposite Affleck? Why So Syrias? joke war, false flag, (part of the nwo’s plan set out years ago?), an excuse to go to war with Iran?.. or WW3? make up, satire.. which ever way ye look at it.. needs no real explanation this one.. twas just tinkering in photoshop after I wondered why nobody had done this yet?

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  1. Les Mills
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    I would make it a musical ,start with some old favorites like the comedy ”Weapons of mass destruction ” featuring Iraq , throw in a plot like ”9/11 , lets do this and blame a ”terrorist” group , you could have the lead vocals by Dick Cheney backed by the Halliburton choir , while Obama and Bush did a duet backed by the Wall street bankers quartet,……….I think this could be a hit ,might even get a fan club, would probably need security ,let me think ……..Hey Hillary , are we doing anything with the armed forces at the moment ?

    • Travis Bacon
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      Great Idea! have to get someone in playing the Haarp too 😉

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