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Concept for a client.. hoping they use it..  the world needs more Zen.. lets bring it to the i-age too! :)

ANOTHERnewlogo-@400px wide

update.. he liked it.. so website is going to be based around a ‘concept’ theme now, with more standard lifestyle and explanation type pics and videos featuring more in galleries or link pages. Rocking. It is actually a good product, which can easily change moods and atmosphere through colour, light, and movement… for a while the company were trying to do the usual.. market the product as other competitors or similar products were being marketed.. tis nice to be part of a project where we are now going to create the whole theme of corporate identity, marketing and theme based branding. Here’s a few other bits for it, which hopefully will get used…


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  1. Cristina Biezeman
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    Great work, loved all the photos!

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