Dynamic QR code tests/examples

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Ok.. so today I learn’t how to produce ‘Dynamic QR Codes’, and experimented a tad..
Above are a couple of examples, showing different elements or colours, (or even gradients) that could be used to personalise a QR scan grid. ‘Dynamic’ QR code, means that the destination the user is taken can be changed, or managed.. to, for instance, update for weekly specials, monthly events, promotions.. the possibilities are en… there are quite a few possibilities. Get in touch to get yours now.

-please note, these were just a few experiments, seeing what I can tweak and how far I could modify the various elements. Have since refined the process, to make for much quicker/easier reads.
-also.. I would recommend ‘i-nigma’ QR code reader app, over all the others I have tried.

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