Comics now For Sale on tbay

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ALL the items below are now available via tbay.. it may be a while until they are all listed.. I’m halfway through taking pics at the moment.. but in the meantime went to to reference the collection.. what an amazing resource! All the images below are from the site and beneath is a downloadable spreadsheet of my collection for any early bird or recommended customers :) (Any serious collectors can make sensible offers on issues or collections they are interested in) Please feel free to ask any questions or request ACTUAL pictures of the offered issues (as mentioned.. images below are for reference only)

tbaycomics-2 tbaycomics-3 tbaycomics-4 tbaycomics-5 tbaycomics-6 tbaycomics-7 tbaycomics-8 tbaycomics-9 tbaycomics-10

Highly recommend for anyone wishing to either catalogue their collection, research any titles or artwork, or wishing to trade. I think you can view collections on there too, mine is under the username ‘travisinoz’

Downloadable Collection/for sale list (Spreadsheet) HERE>collection

If any of the titles above interest you, get in touch. eventually they will all be listed in tbay, but this is a very long and laborious task, involving studio shots of ALL titles, front and back, and bagged, to ensure the best comparison and reference to you as a buyer.

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