An Australia/Invasion Day Story..

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Usually stories, blogs and discussions about this day can be very political, and emotional.. and for good reason …
but this is not.. Tis just a quick true tale, one of those stories that restore your faith in humanity a little..
A couple of weeks ago, I … Read More

Spring Clean Servicing for OSX

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Tis that time of year again, (well, here in Australia it is), and what better time to give your Mac a quick service and a ‘spring clean’.
Recently, I had an issue where my screen was flickering, almost like the vertical … Read More

Apocalypse this week!

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What with the release of X-Men: Apocalypse on thursday, I thought I’d do another swipe to add to the collection. Back when I first collected comics in the late 80s, Apocalypse and Archangel were a couple of my favourite characters, … Read More

News: Friday 13th 2016

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I’ve never been one much for blogs.. the very nature of self promotion and babble for the hell of it seems overly narcissistic for me, a little needy. However, with the website update started, and a couple of new directions … Read More

Comics now For Sale on tbay

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ALL the items below are now available via tbay.. it may be a while until they are all listed.. I’m halfway through taking pics at the moment.. but in the meantime went to to reference the collection.. what an … Read More

10 Years Ago: The ‘Paleriders’ Tour.

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A decade ago there was a mission.. Filmed Down-Under, and now in three parts.. No It’s not the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Equally as long winded though.. do yourselves a favour and skip straight to part 2.. with the special … Read More

Last minute Crimble gifts @tbay

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Due to less graphic design work coming in, I had time to extend tbay a little.. and plan to list more as soon as I can. Have now opened the ‘comics’ and ‘media’ categories.
Comics is self explanatory, and will include … Read More

Move over Civet Cats – Ninjacat Confetti is here!

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Introducing.. wordwide exclusive… Ninjacat Confetti! Civet Cat’s are so politically incorrect these days!
Organically produced multi-use product, crafted by cats! Confetti, cat litter, compost, mulch, pillow stuffing, worm food, .. find your own use! Available in variety of colours on … Read More

why so syrias?

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Obama to play the joker in the new batman flick opposite Affleck? Why So Syrias? joke war, false flag, (part of the nwo’s plan set out years ago?), an excuse to go to war with Iran?.. or WW3? make up, … Read More


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Concept for a client.. hoping they use it..  the world needs more Zen.. lets bring it to the i-age too!

update.. he liked it.. so website is going to be based around a ‘concept’ theme now, with more standard lifestyle … Read More

where did you go? – frommybedroomproject

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Tad da.. first official full length music video…
Very skilled and talented ‘dreaded one’, wrote, recorded and created this tune, Gbass mixed the sound, and I dabbled with camera’s.. didn’t even have to touch the editing this time, as she has … Read More

Happy 20th Sohigh Soho.. Wish I was there!

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Right now I wish I was back in England.. tis Sohigh Soho’s 20th birthday extravaganza, on as I write this.. Tis likely to be one of the best doo’s on the planet this year, with soo many very special people … Read More

bedroom antics?…

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check out this talented chicky at the newly created youtubage channel /frommybedroomproject
new teaser trailer/tune freshly posted for ye amusement/inspiration.. filmed and edited in but a few days…

She creates all the music on a mac, and uses only one mic and … Read More

tbay now open – 100 products up so far.. and counting..

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soo.. finally got around to it, and started to upload some items.. started with cameras and some star wars bits.. more soon.. and still have to sort the auto post calculator.. so at the mo, tis an enquire based system, … Read More


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Artwork for an interesting site in the build.. well..
Theres only so many ways to present ‘adult toys’, in a fresh way.. without seeming dirty.. seedy.. or cliché..
But had the idea to recreate a city skyline (and bridge) out of sextoys … Read More

More QR Goodness..

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Another QR code example/test I did the other night and forgot to upload until now.

Worlds Oldest QR code?

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Egyptian hieroglyphs were a formal writing system used by the ancient Egyptians that combined logographic and alphabetic elements. But until now, one such ‘glyph’ was always deemed a ‘mistake’ and unreadable… Until now!
With the advancement in technology, we once again have caught up with the ancients..
How (and why) did … Read More

Personalised Coffeeart™

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dynamic qrcode coffeeart , mocked up quickly in photoshop.. better one to come soon..  still experimenting with what can be done, and just how far I can tweak these QRcodes, so that are still readable. Any other ideas? Ive got … Read More

QR face tattoo

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World first dynamic QR code custom face tattoo?? nah.. but shows its possible…
he could update his CV, his relationship status, or his kill count.. so that anyone brave enough to scan his face could easily find out more ! Perhaps … Read More

Say it with Flour this Valentine’s Day

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Still at a loss what to get this Valentine’s Day? Not wanting to pay vastly inflated costs for roses at the florists, and can’t grow your own? A simpler, funnier idea…. Simply buy a bag a flour and surprise her … Read More

The Screaming Hand/Walking Dead

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Quick graphic – a parody of ‘Jim Phillips’ screaming hand design for Santa Cruz.  The world waits for the return of ‘The Walking Dead’.


Breaking Trav

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Patiently waiting for the second half to the final season… how will it all end?

Valentines Day – Unique New Gift idea for your Geek.

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So.. Having honed the skills and learnt what is possible with QR codes.. coupled with the ability to manage them, making them ‘Dynamic’ – a fresh new idea came about… A new spin on the old idea for Valentines…Super stoked … Read More

Dynamic QR code tests/examples

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Ok.. so today I learn’t how to produce ‘Dynamic QR Codes’, and experimented a tad..
Above are a couple of examples, showing different elements or colours, (or even gradients) that could be used to personalise a QR scan grid. ‘Dynamic’ QR … Read More

Grand Theft Australia: Invasion Day Edition – ‘Aussie Pride’ boxed set…

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As the ‘Grand Theft Australia’ joke PS3 game concept I mocked up, got such a good response.. here’s the special collectors edition boxed set. Happy Australia Day one and all!

grand theft australia

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Coming out 26th January 2012…

I thought I’d mock that game concept/cover up instead.. educational too!
Happy Australia/Invasion Day for the 26th Everyone!

Bacon’s Baileys

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Free Recipe:
1 cup of Whiskey
1 pot of creme (single/runny)
1 tin of condensed milk
2 tablespoons of chocolate sauce
1/2(half) teaspoon of coconut essence
whisk it all together, chill, and serve…. enjoy!