10 Years Ago: The ‘Paleriders’ Tour.

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A decade ago there was a mission.. Filmed Down-Under, and now in three parts.. No It’s not the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Equally as long winded though.. do yourselves a favour and skip straight to part 2.. with the special guest appearances from proper skilled roller-boarders Rodney Clarke (UK), Spencer Eagles (Australia), Dominik Dietrich (Austria) and Cale Nuske (Australia).

Otherwise known as the ‘BIB Tour 2004/5′ (Bacon-Ibister-Bennett)

The following footage was discovered..

[youtube_video] http://youtu.be/A-mkGVWF_E8 [/youtube_video] [youtube_video] http://youtu.be/0DVXrzXMh5w [/youtube_video] [youtube_video] http://youtu.be/AuKXOGioYQk [/youtube_video]

(if the embedded links above don’t work, please click the thumbnails below:

BIB vidscreen cover part 1 BIB vidscreen cover part 2 BIB vidscreen cover part 3


Apologies for not uploading this earlier.. I saved as a draft when I finished uploading it and hit the 10 year anniversary, then forgot to publish… not that anyone cares.. those who were there lived it, those who care would have heard, and those that know me would have seen the facebook post or have subscribed to my youtube channel already and may have seen it already. More of a test to see if the embedding video feature works yet.. as thinking about a web series on here… keep posted.. plenty of plans for 2015.. will they pan out? who knows?

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